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5 Things I Did Not Expect with 2019's Wedding Trends!

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

When the clock struck 12 and the New Year arrived, it was time to revamp the vision board in all things 2019!

When the clock struck 12 and the New Year arrived, it was time to revamp the vision board in all things 2019. Having been a fixture in our sales office for the past few years our vision board highlights the expected new trends for 2019 weddings and our brides and grooms LOVE IT! Now I was not expecting some of what I found! (but I am so glad I did!)

1. Jumpsuits!

This year’s new dress trend; jumpsuits. I was shocked to see the traditional look going away and seeing more personalized dresses. It was a new flattering style for all shapes and sizes. Your jumpsuit can now be a new way to feel more comfortable at your wedding. In 2018 pockets were something many woman loved in their wedding dresses and the trend continues! Some jumpsuits come with pockets and adds a new formal style to walk the walk to then talk the talk with your gal pals. If it's walking down the aisle or a more comfortable and affordable way to dance and party, the jumpsuit is taking over!

2. New Use of Flowers!

In 2019, flowers are everywhere! A trend that I saw different from last year is laying a strand of flowers over the bride and grooms tables or around geometric shapes for centerpieces. Last year flowers were more hanging or drooping over tables but in 2019 they are all in circles or straight lines. The use of white flowers instead of color or white roses are also a new beautiful trend dominating 2019. This year is minimalist/neutral with elegance.

3. Any Color Goes!

2018 had 4 colors creating all the buzz: maroon, dark blues, gold, and white/silver. In 2019, it doesn’t have a set color more like a set shade, pastel. On our vision board, there are mainly pinks, blues and greens but there are also splashes of yellow or red/maroon or even orange/peach! If it is a forest color like green, navy, or purple, they tend to have a more monochromatic color scheme. The diversity in trendy options really seems unique to 2019.

4. Gold Metal!

I love the new trend of gold metals! From the metal sculpture for a centerpiece or just metal accents, 2019 is here for it. There are lanterns made of gold or flowers in a gold rimmed vase or even just a metal rimmed box to hold cards for any wedding-or any event. The new use of abstract and geometrics combined is one of my favorite centerpieces that we are even seeing in cakes! Adding a hint of flowers can make it trendy, with an easy personal touch.

5. Drapery!

Drapery has been a growing trend for the past few years and in 2019 it has officially arrived! From indoor ceremonies with draping above the aisle to a pinpoint drapery from the middle of the room, it provides a flowy elegant feeling inviting the guests. Having white drapery allows a semi-formal yet soft feel to the room. In the drapery there seems to be a lot of lights: fairy lights or lights with yellow/gold hues. It looks like an enchanted fairytale wedding with a new whimsical feel to your special day.


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