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This is Who We Are

"I love that no matter how long I've been in this business, or how knowledgeable I've become, there's always something new and exciting on the horizon. My vision is to continue evolving with the fast pace of the industry, and to never stop learning new ways to excite and inspire my guests."

Annie Wright- Executive Chef

Marc Sparks- General Manager

"It's our vision to continue growing this business, to honor where we came from, and look forward to the future. Chez Josef has historically been a trend-setter, making it an important part of our jobs to be cutting edge and exceed our clients' expectations."

Contact Us

Lynn Haley

Office Manager & Accounting

(413)786-0257 ext. 27

Marc W. Sparks

General Manager & Sales

(413)786-0257 ext. 24

Regina Spafford

Sales Coordinator

(413)786-0257 ext. 42

Event Managers

Debra Fletcher 

Kalee Neis

Rachael Blain


Judy Malanson

Front Desk



Amanda Kiley

Office & Marketing


Ed Flebotte


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